Authentication and Fraud Prevention Solutions

Founded: 2004
HQ: Portland / United States

iovation protects online businesses and their end users against fraud and abuse, and identifies trustworthy customers through a combination of advanced device identification, shared device reputation, device-based authentication and real-time risk evaluation.

Process Steps

  • Risk Engine
  • Data Provider
  • Manual Review Cockpit
  • Chargeback Handling
  • Callcenter Fraud
  • KYC/AML/ID Verification

Technology Coverage

  • Machine Learning
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Chargeback Guarantee

Reference Customer

The AA (insurance)

B&H Photo (online retail)

4Finance (financial services)

PlayCherry (online gambling)

UMB Bank (financial services)


ACI Universal Payments





Verisk Insurance Solutions




Fraud Solution Profile

iovation Fraud Prevention stops online and mobile fraud in real time. Utilizing powerful device recognition technology and a unique approach to device intelligence that leverages device-to-device and device-to-account associations, device history, and detailed reports of confirmed fraud from a global network of fraud and security analysts, iovation provides the tools online businesses need to stop fraudsters and fraud rings without sacrificing customer experience.

By recognizing Internet-connected devices without requiring personally identifiable information (PII), our technology adds an independent layer of recognition that’s separate from data that may have been previously compromised.

Our fraud prevention technology can be easily integrated into any native app (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS) or web application, and at any customer touch point where fraud risk is a concern, such as account creation or modification, purchase or transfer.


To help you accurately separate the fraudsters from your good customers, iovation Fraud Prevention identifies risky device behaviors including:

Evasion Techniques: Includes transactions originating from TOR networks, use of a proxy server, or use of mobile emulators.

Device Anomalies: Includes location mismatches, time zone and IP address changes, too many devices per account, and exceeded velocity thresholds.

High-risk locations, IPs, and ISPs: Includes high-risk geographic locations or known bad IPs, ISPs, or locations that violate your specific business policy.


Our advanced fraud prevention and detection capabilities extend your protection to fraud patterns that you are most concerned about. For example, iovation can inform you:

  • If a particular device has been used to access multiple accounts within a particular time period.
  • When many devices have been used to access a single account.
  • If the device has a history of specific types of fraudulent activity.
  • When the device is linked to other devices or accounts associated with fraud.
  • Whether the device has violated specific policies that you have defined such as geolocation, chat abuse, spending limits, or cheating.


Key features:

Accurately recognize devices of all types: Using a patented multi-layered approach to device recognition, we analyze thousands of permutations of device attributes to accurately recognize a device while minimizing false positives.

Comprehensive database of devices and fraud evidence: Join 3,500 fraud and security analysts who fight global fraud rings by leveraging our network with 3 billion known devices and 30 million detailed fraud reports.

Device and account linkages: Reveal hidden connections between devices and accounts, even across subscribers and industries, to detect if a new device has been associated with past fraud activity or policy violations.

Performance and reliability: Our service has a 99.9% uptime to ensure you’re always protected.

Evasion detection: Stop fraudsters who are hiding behind proxy servers, TOR networks, VPNs, mobile VMs, emulators or other anonymizing technology.



Stop fraud in real time: In about 100ms, iovation will recognize the device, determine if it’s evading detection, check to see if it’s associated with past fraud or other devices/accounts linked to fraud, and run all of the transaction risk checks that you have specified.

Integrate device intelligence into your other systems: Besides returning an actionable Approve/Review/Deny response, our real-time service returns detailed device attributes including hundreds of mobile fields along with detailed reasons for a Deny response.

Uncover coordinated fraud rings: Discover cybercriminals working together by exposing hidden relationships.

Find hidden fraud through dynamic data analysis: Our analytics, searching, and reporting capabilities help you spot transaction and device patterns that indicate fraud.

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