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Fraud Solution Providers

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Fraud Solution Providers

Don’t know where to start? Confused by the volume of providers solving different fraud problems across multiple industries? Supported by different technology, methodology and business models? You’re not alone! About-Fraud.com provides the clarity you crave. Users can effectively assess value, compare options and make informed business decisions.


"PUTTING EMAIL AT THE CORE OF DIGITAL IDENTITY" Emailage was founded in 2012. The company enables merchants to use customers’ email addresses as the core element in assessing transactional fraud risk, including a predictive fraud score. Emailage leverages a vast consortium of data and layered technology to combat transaction fraud, along with other use cases pertaining to account fraud. about-fraud.com had a chance to catch up with Amador Testa, Chief Product Officer at Emailage...


"EQUIFAX BREACH: VALUE LEECH" A few weeks have passed, and the Equifax data breach has been discussed extensively in just about every news outlet. This is an instance where saturated news coverage and never ending analysis is well warranted, with 143 million Americans waiting for the other shoe to drop. I will take a look at this through the lens of...