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Founded: 2013
HQ: New York / United States

Forter provides fully automated, accurate real-time fraud decisions, eliminating rules, scores and manual reviews. That’s an instant approve/decline decision for every transaction, covered by a full fraud chargeback guarantee.

  • Ecommerce
Primary Functionality
  • Fraud Platform
Fraud Type
  • Payment Fraud
  • Account Takeover
  • New Account Fraud
  • Machine Learning

Reference Customer

James Allen

Lethal Performance



API and Mobile SDK


Salesforce Commerce Cloud (previously Demandware)

Fraud Solution Profile

Forter provides a highly accurate real-time approve or decline decision for every transaction, covered by a fraud chargeback guarantee. Instant, accurate decisions are made possible since the system is entirely automated, using machine learning which is continually informed by ongoing expert research.

Full automation means that the delays and frustrations traditionally caused by manual reviews become a thing of the past. Scale is no longer a problem, since the system works just as quickly and accurately even on the busiest days of the year.

The system is tailored to each client and accurate from Day 1, since a model is built for every client using their data and the analysis of that data performed by Forter’s team of researchers. Each client also benefits from the network effect, as insights into current fraud trends gained from one merchant inform the fraud protection of all merchants.

Forter’s advanced behavioral analytics and proprietary elastic identity linking technology mean that Forter’s system accurately connects identities of both good and bad customers even when they are using 2 personas which do not share a single data point. This leads to the virtual elimination of false positives, as well as low fraud rates.

The overall result for our clients is increased approvals, a smoother checkout experience, and fewer chargebacks – meaning more sales and happier customers at a much lower cost.

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