KYC and Anti-Fraud Solutions

Founded: 2010
HQ: Quebec / Canada

Acuitytec provides Know Your Customer (KYC), Compliance, Anti-Fraud and Risk Management solutions. Combining automated business intelligence and machine learning with in-depth human analysis. This works with all of our implementation methods: API, Legacy Integration or Batch Upload.

  • Financial Services
  • Ecommerce
Primary Functionality
  • Fraud Platform
Fraud Type
  • Payment Fraud
  • Account Takeover
  • New Account Fraud
  • KYC & AML
  • Loyalty or Promo Abuse
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Rules Engine

Reference Customer


Financial Services

Online Gaming

Binary & Forex






Electronic Verification Systems

Global Data Consortium



Melissa Data

Veratad Technologies

Lyons Commercial Data

Fraud Solution Profile

Risk Management and Anti-Fraud Solutions

AcuityTec fights exposure to online Fraud and abuse, while protecting your brand and customers. Our solution allows you to safely grow, raising efficiency, and increase your bottom line profitability by reducing risk and operational costs. We verify traffic at all customer points of contact from account creation and login to transaction; AcuityTec evaluates customer patterns, behaviors and transactions risk in real-time.


Experience You Can Trust

Our team of dedicated experts in processing and development, risk management professionals, training specialists, and experienced consultants, deliver cutting-edge risk assessment. AcuityTec designed to be an extension to your company, allowing you to focus and spend your resources on other areas of your business.



Real-Time Risk Scoring and Fraud Alerts

  • Transaction/Registration Risk Scoring
  • Scalable automated fraud screening

4-Layer Transaction Triage Action Center (consolidated Live Queue based on score threshold)

  • Instantly review and act on risk transactions by simply updating the Fraud Review status
  • Analyze traffic on Pre-Authorize state before submitting it for processing
  • Automatically Reject transactions based on High Score threshold and targeted risk alerts
  • Enable user authentication services to complement the verification process

Internal Data Cross-Referencing Between Accounts (User Profiling)

  • Expose hidden associations between apparently unrelated accounts
  • Multi-Accounting detection

Customer Login

  • Verification at the beginning of each customer’s login session
  • Option to Allow/Deny a login based on the Geo-Location

Global Risk Identification Tool

  • Historical identification data management

Manual 3rd-Party Lookup Feature

  • Ability to perform manual ‘external’ lookups on demand, without using the scrubber to verify traffic sent via API

Customer Categories

  • Define customer categories based on ‘Account Age’ and/or ‘Deposit Count’

Affiliate and Network ID Tracking

  • Abnormal network-specific traffic trends detection based on Affiliate or Network ID

Payment Controls

  • All methods (Credit Card, E-Wallet, E-Checks, Bitcoin, Alternative Payments, Bank Transfers)
  • Velocity and Frequency Controls
  • Global Negative Database Associations
  • Risk Decline Reasons
  • Identifying Multiple Card Usage and Card Sharing
  • Abnormal Deposit Patterns
  • High Risk Country
  • Bank Account Verification

Data Management

  • Database is managed directly by you
  • Custom reporting pages and data entry pages are at your disposal

Automated System Notifications

  • Email and message notification delivery on traffic anomalies detected

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

  • 4 levels of reporting showing data from high level to detailed customer and transaction information
  • Customizable Dashboard and Reporting, monitor any KPI in real-time
  • Recurring reports automation



  • Easy integration and user friendly interface
  • No impact to End User Experience
  • Expansion of processing capacity
  • Approval rate booster
  • Affordable pricing options to meet your needs
  • Maximization of matches and online Fraud risk prevention
  • Instant results
  • Comprehensive match information—not just a score
  • SSL Certificate Encryption for all transactions
  • Hosting options available
  • API, Legacy Integration and Batch Upload solutions
  • AcuityTec Certification Site Seals


We are more than just a Risk Management Solution!

  • 360 Degree Support
    24/7 hands-on Risk Management Team
  • Consulting Services
    In-house and online Consulting Services
  • User Account Monitoring
    At Account Creation, Customer Login and Transaction Processing
  • Cost-Effective Solution
    One installation, inherit new software updates and dedicated Development team



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