Founded: 2015
HQ: Budapest / Hungary

We provide the highest standards of e-commerce fraud prevention by combining big data analytics with state-of-the-art pattern recognition techniques. All our customer’s sense of this is the rise in their revenues and conversion rates. Our system examines factors ranging from browser details to different types of transactional information. We make sure to deliver accurate insight in order to ensure improved business intelligence related decision making.

  • Financial Services
  • Ecommerce
Primary Functionality
  • Fraud Platform
Fraud Type
  • Payment Fraud
  • Account Takeover
  • New Account Fraud
  • KYC & AML
  • Loyalty or Promo Abuse
  • Machine Learning
  • Rules Engine

Reference Customer

Barion (E-wallet and payment gateway company)

Granit Bank





Information upon request

Fraud Solution Profile

SEON aims to overcome the biggest hurdle of the competitive solutions by combining a light touch integration with extensive functionality. The all-inclusive data enrichment capabilities of the system are currently one-of-a-kind on the market. Email address based social media profiling, IP address based proxy/VPN/Tor detection, device fingerprinting, phone number validation and BIN checking are just a few of the product features that differentiate SEON from other players.

With the help of the SEON risk management platform, the following pain-points of any online business can efficiently be solved:

  • Payment fraud: decline fraudulent transactions and grow your sales
  • Account takeover: protect your clients by identifying unauthorized account takeovers.
  • Abuse prevention: prevent abusers from taking advantage of your reward/loyalty programs.
  • Extended user profiling / KYC: know every detail about your clients and make better decisions.
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