Founded: 2018
HQ: London / United Kingdom

Fcase helps organisations reduce fraud significantly by uncovering the full picture of all fraud. Fcase powerful fraud investigation capabilities orchestrate all the relevant evidence breaking down a fraudster’s fabrications, enabling organisations to manage fraud across your whole fraud, risk, operational and customer ecosystems at speed with great efficiency.

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
Primary Functionality
  • Fraud Platform
Fraud Type
  • Payment Fraud
  • Account Takeover
  • New Account Fraud
  • KYC & AML
  • Machine Learning
  • Rules Engine

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Fraud Solution Profile

Banking is a rapidly changing market. Digital technology has created a competitive and innovative market whereby financial institutions face off in trying to create a new customer experience going beyond simple banking transactions. Banking is now an ecosystem where customers can control every aspect of their financial lives, from getting a mortgage on their smart-phone to cashing a check with a mobile app. Banking has changed for the better over the last decade, however, these innovative banking features come at a cost. It also presents an opportunity for criminals to commit fraud, victimizing both customers and banks. As technology has become more complex and sophisticated, so has financial fraud.

One area that is seeing a current challenge with fraud detection and prevention is multi-channel banking services. Multi-channel banking services as the name implies is a bank that provides services over different channels, from mobile banking to ATMs. Although having multiple ways to serve your banking clients is a competitive advantage, each channel is separate from the others, a silo-like effect. This silo environment disconnects information and knowledge sharing which is crucial for fraud detection systems to operate effectively. Also, each channel comes with its own fraud detection systems and processes. Different teams and information spread across decentralized fraud units are also present. The result is a disconnected fraud framework which would benefit from an omnichannel system where all data goes to one place.


FCase helps you see through and manage fraud by building a clear picture of the facts via a centralised fraud investigation tool. FCase combines all your fraud data into a flexible fraud investigation tool creating a 360-degree view of all your fraud operations, enabling a reduction in fraud and operational efficiency.

FCase orchestration feature includes:

–  Fraud investigation management
–  Case history
–  Related cases
–  Link analysis
–  Document uploads
–  Document/evidence management
–  Auto & manual case assignment
–  Case scoring algorithms
–  Case (Hold, close, batch close, SMS notifications and much more)
–  Case review (revisit, open)
–  Alert management
–  Fraud loss & saved statistics across your channels
–  Operator idle time
–  Operator break management
–  Operator shift management
–  Users & groups (AD or standard)
–  Close case templates
–  Fraud templates

–  Powerful plugins (Enabling workflow actions)
–  Flexible web form manager
–  Language support (English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish)
–  Filter/rule engine (across all fraud engines)
–  PSD2 SCA Fraud rules
–  Reports
–  Fraud investigator performance reports
–  Fraud investigator efficiency reports
–  Fraud reports
–  Payment Services Directive 2 Reports

FCase proven benefits are:

–  Significant reduction in fraud (see more reduce more)
–  Reduced customer friction
–  Improve fraud investigation time by a factor of 9 times faster
–  Reduce false positives (see more & make better decisions)
–  Enterprise-wide fraud strategies
–  Enterprise-wide fraud collaboration
–  Fraud APIs (300+)
–  PSD2 fraud compliance (Article (96)6)
–  PSD2 Stronger Customer Authentication management

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