Fraud & Chargeback Protection

Founded: 2005
HQ: Toronto / Canada

Ethoca is an award-winning provider of collaboration-based intelligence and technology solutions that empower businesses around the world to fight fraud, prevent disputes and improve the customer experience. Founded in 2005, Ethoca is headquartered in Toronto, with regional offices in Austin, London, Phoenix, Paris and Melbourne.

  • Financial Services
  • Ecommerce
Primary Functionality
  • Fraud Platform
Fraud Type
  • Payment Fraud
  • Rules Engine

Reference Customer




South African Airways







Fraud Solution Profile

Ethoca believes that ecommerce should be about one thing: commerce.

Fraud and chargebacks disrupt the payments ecosystem and prevent merchants and card issuing banks from focusing on what really matters – increasing sales and creating a great customer experience. Targeting suspected fraud alone is a losing strategy. Done wrong, it decreases revenue and damages the customer experience by increasing false declines. Similarly, chargebacks are a burden on the entire payments ecosystem. They’re expensive, time consuming and frustrating for everyone involved. Ethoca’s suite of services changes all that.

Before Ethoca, which was launched in 2005, merchants and issuers would identify thousands of confirmed fraudulent and disputed transactions on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they had no way to securely share this intelligence. Ethoca Alerts, introduced in 2011, revolutionized the industry by closing this information gap and giving merchants an unprecedented opportunity to stop fraud and chargebacks before they happen. In the past 12 months, participating merchants were able to stop 3,797,195+ incidents of fraud, at an average of 316,432 cases a month.

Following this, Ethoca Eliminator was launched in 2018. A ground-breaking friendly fraud solution that puts extensive merchant data into the hands of card issuers, Ethoca Eliminator ensures chargebacks can be deflected before a claim is ever created. The product represents a major leap forward in the fight against friendly fraud and there are currently 15+ issuers around the world leveraging Ethoca Eliminator.

Ethoca’s multi-layered solutions are powered by the industry’s largest network. With participants in 70+ countries, it has successfully saved merchants from more than $190,967,500+ worth of fraud in the past 12 months, as well as successfully saving merchants from more than 21,110,600+ chargebacks since 2011. And with the recent acquisition by Mastercard in 2019, new data sources are set to increase at a significant rate – making fraud woes a thing of the past. This achieved by the two-solution process of both Ethoca Eliminator and Ethoca Alerts.

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