About-Fraud.com provides consultancy services to merchants, payment service providers and fraud solution vendors looking for industry expertise to address a variety of business issues. These services are completely independent of our news operation and the fraud solution providers page and have no bearing on the editorial decisions made on the site.


Vendor Management
We have extensive experience with managing RFPs / RFIs and implementation projects on behalf of merchants and payment service providers.

Operational Excellence
We have challenged and optimized several operations to increase conversation rate, minimize fraud rates and streamline policies and processes.

Market Research
We have conducted end-user surveys on behalf of fraud solution vendors, have access to industry pricing information and developed clear view of the competitive landscape within the fraud prevention industry across different verticals and geographic markets.

We can assist with product development processes using our in-depth knowledge of product end-users as well as other vendor offerings on the market. We also can craft successful, easy-to-execute go-to-market strategies based on our knowledge of all of the stakeholders in the fraud prevention ecosystem and how to best reach them.

Contact us and we are happy to provide further insights to our service offering: consulting@about-fraud.com