Justin Lie

Justin Lie

Founder and CEO at CashShield

As a student, Justin was already an entrepreneur, setting up various e-commerce sites. It was when his sites were attacked by fraudsters that Justin devised his own system of rules on whether to accept or reject a transaction, which would later develop into the more sophisticated CashShield system today. Despite facing competition from major players that are mostly backed by credit card companies with unlimited war chests, Justin has navigated CashShield through countless challenges with zero funding. Eventually, CashShield was launched globally with huge success, making it the leading provider of optimized fraud management solutions.

Infographic – Digital merchants are under fraud attack

CashShield and www.about-fraud.com created this Infographic together to show the importance of fraud protection for digital merchants. CashShield is a real time fraud prevention solution designed with big data, machine learning optimized through a self-developed financial risk management algorithm. Our unique algorithm generates optimized decisions, eliminating the need for manual...Readmore