Gilit Saporta

Gilit Saporta

Gilit Saporta is a senior fraud fighter, catching eCommerce and fintech fraudsters redhanded since 2005. After leading and training teams and groups for FraudSciences, PayPal and Forter, she joined, where she acts as Product and Fraud Intelligence Leader. Gilit has trained more than 100 fraud fighters in 5 countries and is a passionate advocate for knowledge sharing across risk organizations.

Matana Soreff is a Boston area native who has been working in the fraud detection and prevention space for over 6 years. She is currently building the risk team at Melio.  

female fraudsters

Female Fraudsters: Looking at Past, Present & Future

The number of female fraudsters has risen in recent years along with the boom in global e-commerce and new web-only financial services. While pop culture has long adored notorious femme fatales from Katherine Hepburn’s 1935 classic “Sylvia Scarlett” to the iconic “Thelma & Louise,” the reality is often much less...Readmore