Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson

Former U.S. Most Wanted Brett Gollumfun Johnson has been a major player in the cyber crime world for over 20 years. He built a precursor to today’s darknet markets and was instrumental in developing many areas of online fraud still in operation today.  After serving seven and a half years in a federal prison, Johnson started the consultancy AnglerPhish Security and today works with a variety of organizations and companies to stop cybercrime, including the FBI, The Identity Theft Resource Council, Microsoft, Emailage and Next Caller among many others.

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You Study Fraudsters But Fraudsters Study You

I recently came across an interesting post on one of the many underground criminal websites I monitor daily. It is advice intended for fraud managers but posted for fraudsters to read so they might understand what fraud managers are taught to look for in their work. It is intended in...Readmore