Industry Problem: The ecosystem of fraud solution providers is super complex. Online businesses struggle to assess value and find the best solution for their company. Fraud solution providers are:

  • A complex mix of technology, tools and methodologies
  • Targeting different industries and verticals
  • Addressing different touch points and fraud types
  • Sporting different features and functionality
  • Discussed and scattered across a million different home pages, publications and studies. Solution: A streamlined platform that connects businesses with fraud solutions that fit.

  • A strategic platform that consolidates, customizes and curates fraud solution criteria, spanning multiple industries, use cases, and functionality.
  • Formatting and functionality that is simple, yet valuable
  • User experience includes:
    • A high level understanding of fraud solution providers – who does what and how?
    • A streamlined, customizable platform that aligns specific fraud problems with appropriate solutions
    • An efficient manner to short list fraud providers, setting the table for deeper analysis (we even provide valuable external links!)


End Game: Know Your Options. Understand Your Options. The First Step on an Informed Buying Journey…


Important Note: We are committed to delivering an Unbiased Platform that facilitates valuable connections.

  • We do not rate, rank or consult. We have no skin in the game.
  • We provide a transparent, consolidated platform with streamlined filtering and sorting. A framework that helps businesses make sense of a rapidly scaling fraud solution provider landscape – spanning industry, use case, technology and functionality.


Our team is comprised of industry professionals with extensive experience across diverse fraud solutions and industries. Armed with unique perspective and insight.

We united around a common purpose: Making sense of the fraud provider ecosystem, so businesses could easily connect with valuable solutions that aligned with their needs.

Our Global Team:

Ronald Praetsch, Chief Connection Officer

Location: Munich, Germany

Co-Founder and Chief Connection Officer, Ronald is responsible for all final decisions regarding the structure and content of the site from the Providers page to Insights. Outside of, Ronald works as the Director of European Sales at Sift Science, a fraud solution provider active in the industry. Before, he spent close to a decade in various payments and fraud prevention roles in both Europe and North America. Ronald brings his wealth of experience in fraud and payments to inform the design and development of Ronald can be contacted at

PJ Rohall, Strategy & Growth

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Co-Founder and Strategy & Growth Manager, PJ is responsible for the strategic roadmap. He leverages a strong understanding of the fraud provider ecosystem and buyer personas to inform feature development and messaging across the site. His goal: every participant experiences a unique value they receive nowhere else. Outside of, PJ manages a team of fraud analysts at Radial in addition to product strategy. He studies the card-not-present fraud ecosystem, value propositions and emerging technology to help inform product value enhancements. Radial is a provider of omnichannel technology and operations, including a full service fraud solution. PJ’s early professional experience was in the financial services industry, working in consulting and analyst roles. For inquiries, PJ can be reached at

Ronen Shnidman, Managing Editor

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Co-Founder and Managing Editor, Ronen is responsible for soliciting and editing contributed content as well regularly conducting interviews of different players in the industry. Outside of, Ronen is the technology evangelist at PIPL, an identity resolution and data provider to the fraud prevention industry. He began his career as a newspaper and trade journalist for internationally respected outlets based in Israel. Ronen can be contacted at