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Founded: 1997
HQ: Seattle / United States

Whitepages Pro provides businesses with global identity verification data via enterprise-scale APIs to help companies identify legitimate customers, prevent fraudulent transactions, and smooth new account creation. Our real-time data integrates into existing platforms, authentication workflows, and data models to help confidently assess and verify consumer identities worldwide. Our foundation is data at massive scale.

  • Financial Services
  • Ecommerce
Primary Functionality
  • Data Provider & Verification

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Fraud Solution Profile

Whitepages Pro Identity Check is a global identity verification data solution that helps merchants verify identities by accepting five data points – name, address, email, IP, and phone number in a single query. It provides not only the data points around customer inputs, such as, line type of a phone number, deliverability status of an address, and email first seen date, but also the match status between the inputs. The matching helps determine if the person is associated with both the billing and shipping addresses, email, and the phone number on an order. Identity Check is built to fulfill orders faster, reduce customer insult, and quickly identify truly risky transactions.

It leverages the Whitepages Identity Graph, a graph structured data base, housing over 5B global contact records to layer accurate real-time identity verification data into the order process. Our data records have been curated and corroborated from hundreds of different sources, externally and proprietary, and made available to our customers to deliver unparalleled coverage, accuracy, and performance. It isn’t the data entity or even depth of meta-data we have about the single attribute of a person, an address, an email, or a phone, that matters most, but the real power is the links we create between the data attributes to provide dynamic identity verification in a single query.  One that would otherwise require 5-7 unique searches from multiple vendors.  We create and update over 1million linkages a day connecting data attributes that provide businesses positive identity signals as well as negative risk signals to improve their identity verification process. We approach our customers as data concierges. Understanding their platforms, tools and processes, so we can run impactful data tests which in turn allows us to best customize their data usage to deliver ROI.

With direct integration into major fraud platforms, eCommerce platforms, as well as an intuitive web UI, it helps clear the good orders faster, reduce customer insult rates, reduce the manual fraud review queues and their review times, provides data to research chargebacks, and catch order discrepancies.  This affects the entire order process improving ROI at the front end and saves fraud review teams time and money with reducing queues and research time by up to 50%. Our Identity Check API directly integrates to allow easy access to our data via existing eCommerce tools. Using a RESTful interface, the Whitepages Pro enterprise-class API allows flexible integration into existing business systems and workflows via JSON response. This protocol is simple to learn and use, offers reliable and scalable integration via platforms or directly, can be used for rules based systems or machine learning and with our intimate knowledge of retail and digital goods business we make it accessible from any common web programming language on any machine with Internet access.

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