NuData Security

NuData Security

Behavioral Biometrics

Founded: 2008
HQ: Vancouver / Canada

NuData Security is an award-winning passive biometrics and behavioral analytics company. Our flagship product, NuDetect, helps companies identify users based on their online interactions – behavior that can’t be mimicked or replicated by a third party. NuDetect analyzes hundreds of device, location, passive biometric and behavioral signals to build an ongoing digital identity.

Process Steps

  • Risk Engine
  • Data Provider
  • Manual Review Cockpit
  • Chargeback Handling
  • Callcenter Fraud
  • KYC/AML/ID Verification

Technology Coverage

  • Machine Learning
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Chargeback Guarantee

Reference Customer

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Early Warning

Other Data Service Providers

Fraud Solution Profile

NuData Security’s award-winning solution, NuDetect, harnesses powerful behavioral and passive biometric analysis to predict Fraud and reduce risk – a unique method of user verification for web-based and native mobile applications. Accurately distinguishing one human from another in a digital world so customers gain confidence about whether or not the person using the credentials really is the authentic good user behind any device and builds a detailed digital identity of the user based on their natural interactions online.


NuDetect builds a digital profile based on multiple dimensions, including behavioral analysis, passive behavioral biometrics, and device and access intelligence. Creating and using this user profile is transparent to the user, which in itself is part of the security of this solution.


One of the more interesting dimensions of the profile is the passive behavioral biometrics. This has to do with the person’s interaction with their device.


NuData looks at things like how a person uses the keyboard. What is their type speed and deviation? Do they use a touchpad or a trackball? Do they appear to be left or right handed? On a mobile device, the profile would include how the person holds the device spatially. Is it the same way the person has held the device in the past? How do the person’s fingers plot on the screen? Those kinds of attributes are personal and would be hard if not impossible for an attacker to mimic.


NuData’s differentiator is its ability to pull together all of those attributes about how someone is interacting with their device. This helps to build a profile for particular users and define how they typically interact with the application. NuData can then look at the probability that it is the same user and that they are interacting in the same way each time they come back.


NuData has not just has the ability to say that the data points are correct and the behavior is correct, but given the way that the user actually entered their authentication details – the username and password – it really appears to be the same human on the other side of that machine entering those data points.


NuDetect verifies with a high degree of certainty the user behind the device to predict and prevent online Fraud and protect their businesses from brand damage and financial loss caused by fraudulent or malicious attacks.



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