Fraud Prevention

Founded: 2007
HQ: Boise / United States

Kount is a leading provider for fraud solutions and risk management. Kount provides an all-in-one decision engine platform for businesses operating in card-not-present environments.

Process Steps

  • Risk Engine
  • Data Provider
  • Manual Review Cockpit
  • Chargeback Handling
  • Callcenter Fraud
  • KYC/AML/ID Verification

Technology Coverage

  • Machine Learning
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Chargeback Guarantee

Reference Customer

Silver Jeans

Tick Pick

The Vitamin Shoppe

US Polo Assn.



Whitepages Pro







Fraud Solution Profile

Kount is a complete fraud platform is one that includes transaction screening, artificial intelligence, auto-decisioning and workflow management in an easy-to-use interface. There are three separate solutions available for merchants; Kount Complete, Kount Access, and Kount Central.

Kount Complete is a solution developed to protect online merchants selling almost any type of product or service.

Kount Access is designed for high-volume login, account creation, and affiliate networks, as well as companies experiencing fraud known as “new account creation” fraud or “account takeover”.

Kount Central is designed for online payment service providers, payment gateways, acquiring banks, eCommerce platforms, and hosted pay (shopping cart) pages.

Kount’s advances in both proprietary techniques and patented technology include:

  • Superior mobile fraud detection
  • Advanced artificial intelligence
  • Smart, multi-layer device fingerprinting
  • IP proxy detection and geo-location
  • Transaction and custom scoring
  • Global order linking
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Comprehensive order management
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