IdentityMind Global

IdentityMind Global

Founded: 2013
HQ: Palo Alto / United States

IdentityMind Global, creator of Trusted Digital Identities (TDIs), offers a SaaS Platform for online risk management and compliance automation.

  • Financial Services
  • Ecommerce
Primary Functionality
  • Fraud Platform
Fraud Type
  • Payment Fraud
  • KYC & AML
  • Machine Learning
  • Rules Engine

Reference Customer

Pontual Money Transfer

Silicon Valley Bank














Fraud Solution Profile

Who We Are

IdentityMind, creator of Trusted Digital Identities (TDIs), offers a SaaS Platform for online risk management and compliance automation.


We Help Companies Reduce and Improve

  • Client on boarding Fraud
  • Transaction Fraud
  • AML compliance
  • Sanction screening compliance
  • KYC compliance


How We Work

  • IdentityMind continuously builds, validates and risk scores digital identities through our eDNA™ engine to ensure global business safety and compliance from customer onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle. We securely track the entities involved in each transaction (e.g. consumers, merchants, cardholders, payment wallets, alternative payment methods, etc.) to build payment reputations, and allow companies to identity and reduce potential Fraud, evaluate merchant account applications, onboard accounts, enable identity verification services, and identify potential money laundering.
  • Our visual graph Intelligence capabilities, uncover complex risk and money laundering scenarios in real time through big data analysis that correlates identity attributes associated with transactions. The complexity of an identity graph, unique to IdentityMind, has a strong correlation to the risk of a transaction. The more complex the graph the higher the risk.


We also provide automated transaction monitoring that:

  • Processes transactions in real time -everything from applications in on boarding processes to purchase transactions
  • Sets thresholds to accepted transactions, rejected transactions and transactions that require further evaluation
  • Automatically activates case management for transactions that require further review
  • Notify the team when they need to respond to cases


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