User Behavior Coupled with Real Time Machine Learning

Founded: 2008
HQ: Singapore / Singapore

CashShield is a real time fraud prevention solution designed with big data, machine learning optimized through a self-developed financial risk management algorithm. Our unique algorithm generates optimized decisions, eliminating the need for manual reviews and shifting businesses towards full automation. We stand by our decisions by offering an unprecedented 100% Chargeback Protection for both physical and digital goods.

Process Steps

  • Risk Engine
  • Data Provider
  • Manual Review Cockpit
  • Chargeback Handling
  • Callcenter Fraud
  • KYC/AML/ID Verification

Technology Coverage

  • Machine Learning
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Chargeback Guarantee

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Fraud Solution Profile

Traditional fraud solutions often rely on manual reviews, restrictions/limits, 2FA and/or other difficult verification procedures that alter user experience and turns customers away, killing conversion rates. Different from these solutions, CashShield uses big data, machine learning and a self-developed financial risk management algorithm to remove all of these harmful restrictions, boosting customer experience and sales with results visible within 1-2 weeks.

CashShield’s big data crunches over a million data points, which are analyzed through real time machine learning (as opposed to machine learning trained on historical sets). This is combined with our risk management algorithm, which provides an automated ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ decision based on calculated risks. We stand by our decision with an unprecedented 100% Chargeback Protection for both physical and digital goods.

Rather than an approach that is focused only on fighting fraud, our solution’s unique mandate is to maximize our client’s profits while controlling fraud. CashShield’s real time, fully machine automated solution eliminates the need for manual reviews completely, allowing our merchants to scale up aggressively across new markets and/or new product verticals, optimizing revenues while streamlining costs. This is tested and proven, and here are some of the results we have helped our clients achieve in the first 6 months of deployment: 2.57x average revenue growth, 2.20x average transaction growth and 94.8% average chargeback rate reduction.

CashShield’s offers a speedy integration that can be achieved in 1-3 days, with no downtime or training periods, thanks to our real time machine learning which doesn’t require historical data or manual human input. Our real time machine learning ensures that the fraud system is able to learn instantly on the fly with each new incoming transaction, requiring no lag time or historical data training sets to provide information on the new transaction.

Overall, CashShield offers fraud management that unsettles legacy and out-dated solutions by being faster, more affordable, effective and efficient.

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