PJ manages Strategy & Growth for about-fraud.com and is responsible for enhancing and sustaining platform value. He owns the strategic roadmap and contributes his own thought leadership. Outside of about-fraud.com, PJ manages a team of fraud analysts at Radial in addition to product strategy. He studies the card-not-present fraud ecosystem, value propositions and emerging technology to help inform product value enhancements. Radial is a provider of omnichannel technology and operations, including a full service fraud solution.

Provider & Fraud Knowledge – Square One

It's tempting to approach fraud management in the same manner I assemble my son's toys. Start at step 7, jump to 15, let out a few gasps, an occasional holler... and settle on whatever mix of parts you can jam together. Lucky for me, a toddler is often just as...Readmore

Equifax Breach: Value Leech

A few weeks have passed, and the Equifax data breach has been discussed extensively in just about every news outlet. This is an instance where saturated news coverage and never ending analysis is well warranted, with 143 million Americans waiting for the other shoe to drop. I will take a...Readmore