Amaresh Mohan

Amaresh Mohan

Amaresh is the Regional Head of Merchant Risk for Asia Pacific, and leads the Global Risk Analytics for Large Enterprises and Mid-sized Markets Seller segments. He focuses on providing PayPal’s buyers the best buying experiences, ensuring that merchants deliver the goods and services paid for and maintains a safe, secure and trustworthy payments platform. He is also the Site Lead for PayPal’s risk center in Singapore, responsible for attracting, retaining and engaging the best talent in the market.

3 Stakeholders to Secure the Payment Chain

E-commerce is a fast-growing segment, with the business-to-consumer market in Southeast Asia expected to have expanded 28.5% to surpass US$6 billion in 4Q 2017. Today, consumers and businesses alike have moved from cash-based transactions to embrace the ease and popularity of digital payment options. Building confidence in online payments is...Readmore

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